Breathing Analyzer
Detects your breathing rate and automatically sets your target breathing rate.
Easy to Use
Sit back and relax as the animated breathing guide gently slows the pace of your breathing.
Lower Blood Pressure
Based on a scientifically proven breathing technique that has been shown to lower blood pressure.

This app helped me to relax and sleep when I had excruciating nerve pain. Thank you so much.


The simplest mindful app.


This is a great app for slowing down anxious thinking when you are trying to go to sleep.


When I use this app for breathing exercise for 10 minutes I have a 10-20 point drop in my blood pressure. And it’s relaxing, feels good.


Saved my life. Figuratively and literally. Greatly reduces free-floating anxiety & when I was on a vacation in cold weather I had pneumonia symptoms in left lung… 9 minutes of guided breathing reduced the pain at least 75%… thanks so much!!!